protest this and that, what is Impeachment and the distraction of the mainstream, propaganda

Oh you can be sure I want to know what's going on, as mcuh as anybody else does.  Oh I want the update and the politics and the breaking news, if it's of any practical implications.  Only if it impacts my life, boom, it's affecting my world, or is it really?  So my thinking goes a bit like this, being able to actually think.  The functioning mind is a terrible thing to waste.  I've been diversified in my approach, but we are truly going to focus and it's going to be unified now, all my vlogging, my writing, speaking, conversing, drawing, artworks, illustrations, actions, activism, debacles, relationships, challenges, explorations, experiments in life in this world and all the outer distractions of the MAINSTREAM.  My stream is the main one for me, and it's streaming as always.

Impeachment is the talk of the town now, inside the beltway and now on the table in front of the American people at large.  Impeachment of a duly elected President and all his administration and policies.  It is so completely partisan in this absolutely sickly bipartisan federal creature.  This USA is a bipartisan crittur.  Wake up to that first, before we even get together and expend our time on discussing and inevitably arguing over impeachment.  I urge you to pull yourself up out of the black hole of the deception and to learn a few fundamental facts, but not only that, one must do the PRIORITIZING.  That is imperative.

Prioritize the list of all the issues, concerns, problems, questions, crimes, and start with number one, then number two, and you know the next numbers.  Please understand the logic, when prioritizing we do it by making a numbered list.  On the top is one and two and three and four and we are starting with the top of the list, number one.  We are strong and powerful and sentient if we can prioritize and follow through from the top downwards.  Henceforth, let's become aware of the prioritized list.  I already have figured out that the impeachment is not on the top of the list when dealing with America and the U.S. Federal government.

Well what is at the top of the list in the first numbered positions?  That is a good question, my dear friend.  We must subscribe to find out. My work and service to you and the global society is not without cost, it is worth supporting.  Join me and support my campaign now.  I'm being elected, you're voting for me.  Thank you for that!  Much obliged.